Tulsa voters give Mayor G.T. Bynum four more years in office

VIDEO: Tulsa mayoral candidates react to election results

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum will have four more years leading the city of Tulsa. Bynum won his re-election Tuesday night with 52 percent of the vote.

Bynum said his work in Tulsa is not done.

“I promise to continue to devote all that I’ve got over the next four years to honoring the faith that you’ve put in me for the next four years,” Bynum said Tuesday night.

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He joined FOX23 News This Morning on Wednesday to talk about his re-election.

VIDEO: Mayor G.T. Bynum joins FOX23 after getting re-elected by Tulsa voters

Close to 71,000 Tulsans voted in the mayor’s race and 36,691 votes went to Bynum.

“For those Tulsans who did not vote for me in this election, we all share the same future in this city,” Bynum said. “We all want this to be a better city for the next generation. We may have different ideas about how we get there, but the challenge that face this generation are monumental challenges, and we can only truly conquer those challenges if we are united and working together.”

Bynum was first elected in 2016, this will be his second term in office.

Second place finisher Greg Robinson had hoped to become Tulsa’s first African-American mayor.

Robinson, who garnered 29 percent of the vote, addressed his supporters with tears in his eyes and there was disappointment among his supporters.

“If you look at our volunteer base, they are young people,” Robinson told his supporters Tuesday night. “I’m so hearted by the young kids that came up and the college-aged kids and the young professionals that are saying this is a vision that is exciting about the city I want to live in.”

Robinson said he will continue his work and hopes to build the city everyone deserves.

He joined FOX23 News This Morning on Wednesday.

VIDEO: Mayoral candidate Greg Robinson on what’s next after last night’s loss

Elections were also held for nearly all of Tulsa’s city council seats.

Incumbents Vanessa Hall-Harper, Crista Patrick and Kara Joy McKee all defeated their challengers.

City Councilors Cass Fahler, Connie Dodson, Lori Decter Wright will have a runoff election in November.