• Tulsa Tornado Towers gains worldwide interest

    By: Rick Maranon


    TULSA, Okla. - A tornado-shaped tower FOX23 told you about in February is gaining strength as developers seek to make it part of the Tulsa skyline.

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    “It’s gotten a lot more attention outside of the country than it has inside the country,” said principal architect Andrew Kinslow.

    The phone has been ringing off the hook at architecture firm Kinslow, Keith and Todd. Investors in the U.S., Asia and Europe are all hoping to see the tower built in Tulsa.

    “It’s known as the Tulsa Tornado Tower around the world so I think it will end up being in Tulsa,” Kinslow said.

    The originals plans for the building have it taking up about one fourth of a city block, but some investors want the firm to go bigger.

    GALLERY: Tornado Tower plans

    Kinslow said he is now looking for a half to a full city block somewhere in downtown Tulsa

    Finding a perfect spot for the tower could be difficult if the project drags out for years. Lots are going quickly as multi-use buildings begin to pop up all over town.

    “This building really needs to be in the downtown area to accomplish all the views we need for the revolving restaurant of downtown and the buildings and everything,” Kinslow said.

    The size of the lot will determine whether or not the tower is 17 or 30 floors high. The size will also determine the cost.

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