Tulsa teacher shares her experience with virtual learning so far

VIDEO: Teachers shares experience with virtual learning

TULSA, Okla. — A TPS teacher says students seem to be adjusting well to distance learning.

Akela Leach teaches 5th graders at Lanier Elementary.

She says the first two weeks of school she focused on getting students comfortable with the online school tools, portals, and process.

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Leach says a positive aspect of virtual learning is that she can narrow her lessons down to be more concise and make sure students are learning the most important parts of each lesson.

She says one challenge has been that the lessons require more planning and prep, especially when they are pre-recorded, but since her lessons are shorter, she has more time during the day to work ahead.

Leach says a challenge for families has been keeping up with students' schedules and lessons. The schools can’t post links to zoom meetings on public websites for security reasons, so oftentimes parents have trouble finding links and schedules- especially if they have multiple children.