Tulsa Riverside Airport prepares to host Goodyear Blimp for PGA

JENKS, Okla. — Tulsa Riverside Airport is preparing to host one of the largest symbols of competitive sports in America, the Goodyear Blimp.

The blimp will arrive at RVS in Jenks late Wednesday night May 18th and will fly over Southern Hills Country Club on Thursday and Friday as it broadcasts aerial views from above the PGA Championship.

“It’s one of the largest things we’ve ever had to park here at Riverside,” said RVS Airport Manager Austin Wheeler.

Wheeler showed FOX23 on Tuesday a large field on airport property between the Tulsa Tech campus and hangars on the east side of the airport where not only will the blimp be parked, but so will a large truck with a mast that the blimp will be anchored to when it is not flying.

The blimp will be in the air over south Tulsa for approximately seven hours each day, and it will be closely guarded when on the ground.

Wheeler said Goodyear and the airport expect the blimp will be just as popular as some of the professional golfers competing in the tournament, and there are protocols being put in place to keep the machine safe and also avoid any inappropriate use of the blimp, such as photos promoting products not associated with and authorized by Goodyear.

But with a machine that large, RVS knows many people will want their picture taken with the world famous blimp.

They are encouraging people to get their photos with the blimp from the southeast observation lot located at East 91st and North Elm. Access to the airport will be open to the public, but people risk not just injury but also trouble with airport police for driving on taxiways that will be in heavy use during the PGA.

“You should be able to get some good pictures by the blimp from the east lot. It’s the closest many will ever get to it,” Wheeler said.