Tulsa recycling center expected to reopen seven months after massive fire

TULSA, Okla. — A Christmas miracle is on the way.

A large fire caused major damage at Tulsa’s recycling and transfer center in April. While the center wasn’t expected to reopen for nearly two years, it is now scheduled to reopen in December.

April’s fire was sparked by a lithium-ion battery that was not properly disposed of. American Waste Control calls their Tulsa recycling center, Mr. Murph. It plays a huge role in Tulsa, as it processes and transfers the city’s recyclables.

Paul Ross, the Vice President of American Waste Control, says it should hopefully be back up and running by the third week of December.

“Honestly it’s a Christmas miracle because something on this scale, on this magnitude, would generally take 24 months,” said Ross.

The new, upgraded recycling center, or Mr.Murph 2.0, will have a makeover. It will have robots to work alongside employees and improve the sorting system.

Robert Pickens, Vice President of Recycle American Waste Control, says with the new system, they’ll be able to process 10,000 more pounds per hour. The company has had to tear down the old system and build new walls and bunkers. Starting this week, the new parts for Mr. Murph 2.0 should be arriving.

Pickens also encourages Green Country to keep recycling responsibly. We’re always encouraging people to please recycle right. When in doubt, check it out. Go to Feed Mr.Murph.com. If you don’t want to check it out, throw it out.”