Tulsa recycling center expected to be shut down another 6-8 months

TULSA, Okla. — The Tulsa area’s primary recycling center is expected to be shut down for another 6-8 months as repairs continue after a fire at a Tulsa recycling center earlier this month.

The center has been closed since the fire the night of April 1 that firefighters say was likely caused by an improperly disposed of battery.

“The control room that operates everything was burned, and the structural steel in the roof was twisted when the fire got too hot,” says M.e.t. Executive Director Bobby Shultz.

“Curbside recycling is just not the same in the Tulsa area right now. If you leave it on the curb, it will be burned or go to a landfill..”

Shultz is asking people to drop their recyclables off themselves at one of the M.e.t. three locations as they can still collect a wide range of items.

Here are the Tulsa M.e.t. locations:

  • East Tulsa: 2160 S Garnett Rd
  • Downtown Tulsa: 1101 S Cincinnati Ave
  • Central Tulsa: 3495 S Sheridan Rd