Tulsa police ask the public for help searching for a “keg thief”

TULSA, Okla. — Last week Tulsa Police released released photos and asked the public to help identify a man they are calling the “keg thief.”

This unidentified man who has stolen thousands of dollars worth of keg shells.

Police at the riverside division say he’s hit multiple bars in the Cherry St. and Brookside areas.

One of those bars — a Tulsa favorite — Roosevelts.

Vincent Sorrentino owns Roosevelts and says this is a bigger deal than it seems like.

“That just kind of throws off our deposit,” Sorrentino explained. “For every keg we as a restaurant we have to put down a dollar amount for that keg - so if we never return it we never get that money back.”

It might no seem like a big deal until you do the math.

Sorrentino told FOX23 that each deposit is about $30. Thieves also hit R-Bar, which he owns as well. Between Roosevelt’s and R-Bar, he’s had about 100 kegs stolen. Because of this, he’s out $3 thousand dollars.

Local breweries have been hit even harder.

”And the breweries themselves actually have to pay several hundred dollars just to actually replace those individual kegs,” Sorrentino explained.

He thinks they’re in it for the metal rather than the kegs.

“They also stole on of our ladders, so its not just the keg, its the metal,” he continued.

Regardless of the motive behind the thefts, it’s hit local businesses really hard.

“It’s more difficult than ever to run restaurant with labor costs food costs going through the roof,” he explained. “Just adding this random thing that you never thought you’d have to worry about ... it’s just one more expense that comes onto us that’s incredibly annoying and difficult to us.”