Tulsa nonprofit looking to partner with organizations to put summer programs together for children

TULSA, Okla. — A Tulsa nonprofit is hoping to partner with other local organizations to make the transition to the next school year a little easier.

Carolina Shaw, a mother of three, is leading the initiative called the “Opportunity Project.”

Shaw says the goal is to line up high-quality, personal, fun summer programs for Tulsa County families to choose from for their children at little-to-no cost to them.

“The most important thing that we feel like we can do this summer is give kids an opportunity to be in a safe, enriching environment with adults who care about them as they look to that new school year and really start to think about, ‘how do we move on from COVID-19? What does that look like and how can we support them?’” Shaw says.

She says they have about a half-million dollars to put into the programs to help them take off or advance what they’re already doing.

The funding comes from private entities as well as the federal government.

Organizations interested in participating can apply here by Friday, April 2.