Tulsa nonprofit finds a home for a single mother of four during pandemic

TULSA, Okla. — In a story only seen on FOX23, Tulsa nonprofit Warrior’s Refuge found a home for a single mom with four kids during the pandemic.

Everything inside the furnished home for the mother, Skylar Simon, is thanks to community donations

The mother of four children, Simon says things have been especially hard these past few months.

She was staying at Wesley Chapel until they had to move her into a cabin in Jennings and help her transition to long term housing.

Wesley Chapel still has worship every Sunday

Warrior’s Refuge paid for the first six months to help her get going while she looks for a job.

The new nonprofit is dedicated to helping single moms -- those living in homelessness and former addicts.

Go to the Warrior’s Refuge Inc. Facebook Page if you’d like to help or donate to this nonprofit.