Tulsa NICU offers live stream service for parents to see babies from home

TULSA, Okla. — A new live stream camera system called the “Nicview” at Ascension St. John in Tulsa is letting parents see their babies in the NICU even when they’re not at the hospital.

Second-time parents Tyler and Amy Rains welcomed twin girls Cora and Callie on March 11 at just 28 weeks.

The twins are two months into a long journey before heading home. Callie previously beat two brain hemorrhages and a heart murmur and both girls only weigh under five pounds.

With both parents returning back to work and taking care of their almost two-year-old, they can’t always be at the hospital. However, they never have to leave their twins completely thanks to the new “Nicview” camera system.

There’s a camera for each of the 40 beds in the NICU. They’re set up with the best view of each baby and stream live video to their parent’s phone or computer.

“The peace of mind is invaluable,” said Amy Rains.

Neonatal Nurse Manager Jill Burger says the health benefits associated with the cameras are tremendous.

“It does help to decrease anxiety in the parents…it also helps the moms to increase their breast milk production,” Burger says.

With no other family able to see the girls in the hospital right now, the Rains say the new system has enabled grandparents and the girls’ older brother to foster their relationship.

Callie and Cora are still working on bottle feeding and regulating their temperature before they can go home. They weren’t actually due to arrive until early June.