Tulsa nail salon allowing customers to use medical marijuana while getting pampered

TULSA, Okla. — The owner of a local nail salon in East Tulsa is hoping to offer her customers a unique and relaxing experience.

The owner of Hybrid Nail Salon, Elizabeth Brown, says her customers aren’t just able to access Netflix or the pool table in the main room, but they can also bring in their medical marijuana. Brown said, “They can bring their own vapes, a bong, a hookah, bowls, any edibles...all is welcome here.”

Brown, says she opened the business back in May during a pandemic. She says it came with a slow start, but her business has gained attention from across the country- especially on social media. Brown says she now has 100K followers on Tik Tok. She added, “I had a feeling it would spark a lot of interest because marijuana is so big in the world right now.”

The owner says she’s always had an interest in being a nail technician but wanted to offer something different and unique. She said, “I wanted it to be a very friendly, welcoming environment…I don’t want clients to feel like they have to rush to get out of their seat.”

Brown says although starting her own business during a pandemic was not easy. She used her stimulus paycheck and even sold her car to keep the business functioning- she added, “It’s been some tough love.. but I’m still going and still fighting because I feel like there needs to be other businesses like this, and the longer I can stay open the more other people can feel like they can do it, too.”

Hybrid Nail Salon is located near E. 21st and the Mingo Valley Expressway.

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