Tulsa musician makes repeat appearance in ‘Coming 2 America’ 30 years after original film

TULSA, Okla. — A Tulsa musician is in the film “Coming 2 America” more than 30 years after appearing in the original.

Guitarist Tori Ruffin, a member of Morris Day and the Time and Freak Juice, is a member of the fictitious band “Sexual Chocolate” fronted by the Eddie Murphy character Randy Watson in both “Coming to America” movies.

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Ruffin says it took two and a half days to film the infamous scene in the original because Eddie’s improvisation was making it tough for anyone to keep a straight face.

They were also instructed to sound like “the worst lounge act in America” for the movie.

Ruffin says they got the call to be in the sequel, and a few days later they were back on stage with Eddie Murphy in Atlanta.

Ruffin is originally from California but moved to Tulsa because of the music scene.

His band Freak Juice is performing live once again, and he’s managed to keep his bar, Juicemaker Lounge in midtown Tulsa running during the pandemic.

“Coming 2 America” is available for streaming on Amazon Prime.