Tulsa mass graves search hits roadblock

VIDEO: Search for mass graves in Tulsa hits roadblock

TULSA, Okla. — -The investigation into mass graves from the Tulsa Race Massacre is hitting more road blocks at the Rolling Oaks Memorial Garden.

-The former Booker T Washington Cemetery was identified by the public oversight committee as an area with possible mass graves.

-The city spent close to a year negotiating with the owner to allow them to come do a geophysical scan of the property, to search for any anomalies underground.

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-An agreement was finalized, but now the city cant move forward for a new reason.

-The agreement says the owner must be present for the project. They live in California, and the city says they can’t travel because of the pandemic and ongoing wildfires.

-There has not been a date or timeline established for archaeologists to do the initial scans.

-Members of the public oversight committee say their goal is to find as many massacre victims as they can before the centennial of the massacre in 2021. The delays in the investigation makes this goal more difficult.

-FOX23 reached out to the Rolling Oaks owner’s attorney, we are waiting for a response.