• Tulsa man says he developed a safer e-cigarette


    TULSA, Okla. - A Tulsa-area businessman and inventor created something that he said could end the debate over the safety of e-cigarettes.

    It’s called “gnu-vape.”

    Propylene Glycol is the ingredient in vaping liquid that’s caused health concerns. Chip Paul, the co-founder of Tulsa-based Palm Beach Vapors told FOX23 that there is enough known about Propylene Glycol to take it out of e-cigaretes.

    “When is hits a certain temperature it’ll either carbonize or it will basically turn to formaldehyde. It will convert to formaldehyde and water,” Paul said.

    He said that for the past year he’s spent six figures on research to come up with the P.G. free Gnu-Vape.

    Paul said his invention uses vegetable glycerin, water and his “secret ingredient.” He is confident it’s a gamechanger in the $2.5 billion e-cigarette industry.

    “This is safe. This is a medical grade delivery system,” Paul said.

    Paul said his invention also allows for the addition of vitamins, probiotics and other nutritional supplements.

    Gnu-Vape is expected to be available in Palm Beach Vapor stores beginning July 1.

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