Tulsa man plants crosses for every Oklahoma COVID-19 death

VIDEO: Local Halloween display brings awareness Oklahoma's coronavirus deaths

TULSA, Okla. — A midtown Tulsa man is using his Halloween display as a way to bring awareness to the climbing COVID-19 numbers in Oklahoma.

The man’s yard is filled with crosses -- each representing one of more than 1,100 deaths due to coronavirus in the state.

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The man told FOX23 he planned to write the names of the victims on the crosses, but the information was difficult to find and the number of deaths has increased too quickly.

University of Tulsa Director of Special collections, Marc Carlson, says he was moved by the display.

“It’s difficult to know that these are actual people we’re talking about. I find this a lot in some of my work, that we just get numbers and you forget we’re talking about real people who’s lives are being damaged by what’s going on.”

The display is expected to continue to grow and spread into neighboring yards.