EMSA: Tulsa ICU beds at capacity

TULSA, Okla. — An EMSA spokesperson said Monday night there are no ICU beds available in the city of Tulsa.

The next patient needing an ICU bed would have to go to another hospital within the Tulsa County region, according to the EMSA spokesperson.

The Oklahoma Regional Medical Response System and the patient’s hospital will decide which place with space would be the best place to send them for their needs.

This announcement comes just hours after Oklahoma state health officials said they have not planned on suggesting a mask mandate despite the state seeing surging numbers in new cases, deaths and coronavirus-related hospitalizations.

“Tonight I have been in communication with the State Department of Health, the Tulsa Health Department, and local hospital leadership,” Mayor GT Bynum said late Monday. “Hospitals are enacting their surge plans for managing ICU patient care on a regional basis.”

Just as the health care system is a regional one, the response to fighting COVID-19 must be a regional one too, Bynum said.

“Tulsans can not fight this on our own. I again implore the state and our neighboring communities to listen to those medical professionals asking for steps to be taken that will slow the spread of this virus,” Bynum said. "Politically convenient speeches about freedom and personal responsibility are not preventing our ICUs from being maxed out. The Tulsa City Council and I will continue to act on the guidance of local public health experts.”

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