Tulsa Health Department recommends mask requirement for children 10 or older

VIDEO: Tulsa city officials make age recommendation for the city's mask mandate

TULSA, Okla. — Dr. Bruce Dart of the Tulsa Health Department recommended Wednesday that the City of Tulsa requires children 10 or older to wear masks.

Dart met with Tulsa City Council virtually to talk about his latest recommendations.

Under the city’s current ordinance, people under the age of 18 aren’t required to wear masks.

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“I think it’s clear the mask mandate is working for the City of Tulsa," Dart said.

“I think to ensure further compliance, extending the mask mandate down to 10-year-olds... we’ll see lower transmission among all groups.”

Tulsa City Council hasn’t made plans to make take a vote on any changes following Dart’s latest recommendations.

Dart says kids ages 0-17 are testing positive for COVID-19 more than the 65 and older age demographic.

For the week of September 6-12, that age group made up 35 percent of the state’s positive cases.

Dart praised the city for its efforts in tackling the COVID-19 crisis.

Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum said Tuesday, he supports any recommendation from Dart.

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