Tulsa firefighters sharpen up skills at training facility in Owasso

OWASSO, Okla. (KOKI) — Some Tulsa firefighters are sharpening their skills this week by switching up their training at an Owasso Fire Department facility.

The Owasso Fire Department built a new training facility two years ago. The Tulsa Fire Department has its own training facility, but practiced at the neighboring facility in an effort to challenge crews.

Owasso C-Shift Chief Shane McNichol explains the facility has all sorts of different structures to practice in from hotel rooms to more traditional home styles.

In addition, Tulsa’s Chief of Fire Training Barrett Kramer explains the ability to practice different scenarios is helpful as the department fills up with younger firefighters.

The home style building used Wednesday doesn’t actually burn, rather there are barrels of burning wood inside replicating a fire that can be set up over and over. Crews say the ceiling area heats up to around 700 degrees during a drill.

Crews are tasked with putting out these ‘fires,’ but also finding ‘victims,’ and performing life-saving measures like a real call would present.