Tulsa Economic Development Corporation launches mentor program for minority business owners

TULSA, Okla. — The Tulsa Economic Development Corporation (TEDC) launched the application for the MORTAR program at tedcnet.com.

The MORTAR program is based out of Cincinnati, with a goal of creating brick and mortar businesses and making sure people have the fundamental knowledge that they need to be successful business owners.

The TEDC bought the curriculum to provide to Tulsa entrepreneurs.

They plan to have 10 to15 people in the first cohort with a total of two cohorts for 2021.

The TEDC says people will be able to find an access point into entrepreneurship.

The MORTAR program will start with the basics, like creating a business idea, identifying funding, and attracting clients.

The MORTAR program is for aspiring entrepreneurs and brand-new business owners.

The 15-week-long program will include coaching and mentoring.

Two facilitators will guide the business owners through the program from start to finish.

The MORTAR program has an emphasis on minority business owners.

The Director of Entrepreneurial development and education at TEDC, Ciore Taylor, says “We just want to see an increase in engagement and we actually want to see businesses launch because once businesses launch, they can create jobs and then it’s creating a city that’s more diverse with different business owners and the benefits are endless.”