Tulsa detectives look into city’s homicide trend in 2020

VIDEO: Tulsa detectives look into city's homicide numbers
  • With the city of Tulsa now at 52 homicides in 2020, detectives are talking about what they expect for the rest of the year.
  • Four of the 52 homicides remained unsolved, which is a high number for the TPD homicide unit known for usually only having one or two open cases as any given time.
  • Lt. Brandon Watkins attributes a lot of that to the pandemic. They’ve had detectives in quarantine and two had Coronavirus at one time. Less detectives mean, it takes longer to get the work done.
  • The city could be on track to be chasing the record breaking number of homicides in 2016 with 82
  • FOX23 looked into the numbers and found the city is averaging nearly 7 homicides a month in 2020.
  • They say if the trend continues, homicide numbers could be in the 80s by the end of the year.
  • In 2016, the city only had 46 numbers at this same time.
  • The homicides that remain unsolved for 2020:

TULSA, Okla. — Kimberly Hopkins, shot and killed at the Whitlow Townhomes near Pine and Peoria on April 14th

Marcus Jordan, shot and killed near 59th Street North and Garrison on April 24th

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Keith Gruhlkey, shot and killed at the Echo Apartments near 61st and Highway 169 on June 28th

Muhammad Imran, shot and killed during a robbery at the Zen Zel Plaza convenience store on June 23rd.

  • If you have any information on these homicides, police ask you call Crimestoppers at 596-COPS.