Tulsa Crime Stoppers prepares for second season of Donald Driver’s Driven flag football league

TULSA, Okla. — Last August, former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver visited Tulsa to launch a new program aimed at preventing future crime and promoting a sense of community.

Kids can take part in Driven flag football, an opportunity to build relationships and have mentors. Many Tulsa police officers and firefighters take part in the program.

Karen Gilbert is the Executive Director of Tulsa Crime Stoppers. She explained how programs like Driven help reduce crime in our community.

“These kids get to interact with police officers, but most importantly, police officers get to interact with these kids. They get to mentor them and show them there’s a path, that they can take and be successful rather than taking the wrong path,” said Gilbert.

Driver will return to Tulsa this Saturday to kick off the second season of Driven flag football. Slots are already filled for this next season, which lasts for 6 weeks. But another season will begin in this fall.

VIDEO: Donald Driver visits Tulsa, talks flag football for kids