Tulsa City Council passes new guidelines to enforce COVID-19 restrictions

VIDEO: Tulsa City Council approves new COVID-19 policies

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa City Council held a meeting Tuesday afternoon to go over new guidelines for the city’s ongoing COVID-19 response.

Councilors passed all three guidelines which were approved by Mayor G.T. Bynum on Wednesday morning.

In July, we passed a mask ordinance in Tulsa because our local hospitals warned we were on an unsustainable trajectory...

Posted by Mayor GT Bynum on Wednesday, November 25, 2020
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The first new guideline would require that restaurants, bars, and “Places of Public Accommodation serving, selling, or permitting on premises consumption of food and/or beverages” in the city will have to make sure that tables are separated by at least six feet. This will be required unless a table or booth or bartop is separated by sanitized glass or plexiglass.

In addition, all events or gatherings of 150 people or more without a COVID-19 safety plan for approval by the Tulsa Health Department a minimum of 14 calendar days before it happens.

The second guideline passed deals with the enforcement of the city’s mask mandate.

The ordinance targets offenders -- mostly businesses -- who are not following the city’s ordinances who would be subject to enforcement by the Tulsa Health Department.

The third guideline is a resolution merely supporting and encouraging the Tulsa Health Department to investigate potential health violations.

Tulsa City Councilors approved the guidelines Tuesday night in a meeting.
Tulsa City Councilors approved the guidelines Tuesday night in a meeting.