Tulsa businesses offers unique therapies, including vibroacoustic treatment

TULSA, Okla. — May is Mental Health Awareness month, and one midtown Tulsa business offers a unique way to relax.

H2Oasis Float Center offers sessions in a revibe chair. It uses vibroacoustic therapy, and the chair’s vibrations sync with a guided medication and lights.

“It’s very gentle, it’s almost subtle and it just taps the body. It gets you into this receptive state, it’s working on the nerves that are connected to the brain and they’re all working together to relax the body and retrain the brain,” said Christiaan McPherson of H2Oasis Float Center.

In 2020, FOX23 told you about a company called Healium. They launched an app that used virtual reality and guided mediation to help ease stress among first responders during the pandemic. This is similar, but combines vibration.

H2Oasis Float Center also offers massage therapy and an oxygen bar. Debra Parks started coming to H2Oasis after having a stroke three years ago. She says these types of therapies allowed her to regain independence.

“Coming in here, whether it’s using the chair, getting a massage, or using the float therapy, it allows the system to be able to find a safe space. And when your system doesn’t self-regulate, this becomes the regulatory system,” said Parks.

Christina Conrad is a somatic therapist that refers clients to H2Oasis.

“Once we begin to exist more towards a place of ease, then we still have to problem solve and face stresses in front of us. We’re coming at it from a different angle,” said Conrad.

Studies show lowering stress can reduce cortisol levels, which can improve your overall health.

Researchers are studying whether vibroacoustic therapy could help Parkinson’s patients and people with chronic pain. There are more than 700 programs to chose from.

After spending as little as 20 minutes in the chair, some patients say it feels like they’ve taken a long nap.