Trump rally attendees could see ‘mood’ of crowd change as march toward Capitol began

WASHINGTON — Stories from people who attended the rally for President Donald Trump on Wednesday continue to come out as federal authorities arrest those they find in connection with the riots that ensued.

Private investigator Eric Love of Texas told FOX23′s Janna Clark that what he witnessed at the rally before the violence began concerned him.

Love is a part of “Team Tiger” who took a private plane to Washington, D.C. to try to get Trump’s attention in their efforts to free Joe Exotic from prison.

However, Love says safety for his group was his priority on the trip.

He says a few things troubled him when looking at the crowd such as the large number of backpacks and walkie-talkies, which he says can sometimes be indicators of “bad behavior” to come.

Love says he could sense the mood of the rally change when the crowd started marching down the street to the Capitol building.

He says that’s when he knew it was time for his group to leave. About five minutes later, he says he got an emergency alert on his phone from Washington, D.C.’s mayor declaring a 6 p.m. EST curfew.

The attack on the Capitol left five people dead including a police officer.

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So far, police arrested about 60 people, about two dozen of which face federal charges.

The Capitol now sits surrounded by a 7-foot-tall fence and hundreds of National Guard troops.

Love says the siege on the Capitol complicates his group’s efforts to get Trump’s attention. The president has until Jan. 20 to pardon Joe.