Tribal police investigating burglary, vandalism at Okmulgee County school

VIDEO: Okmulgee school broken into, vandalized on Thanksgiving day

PRESTON, Okla. — Tribal police are investigating after three buildings at Preston High School were broken into early Thursday morning.

Weights, air conditioning units, a baseball pitching machine, a dryer, a sound system and several other items make up the thousands of dollars worth of stolen equipment.

Security camera video showed a truck loaded with stolen equipment outside the school, and what didn’t get loaded was ledt scattered around the building.

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Investigators say the person spent six hours going through the buildings that were left damaged. Holes were kicked in the walls and one building was flooded after a water line broke.

Preston Superintendent Mark Hudson says he estimates the loss and damages to amount to about $100,000.

The person believed to be responsible has been identified but has yet to be arrested.