Tips from local health leaders once your vaccine card is filled out

TULSA, Okla. — Have you ever wondered what you should do with your COVID-19 card now that it’s filled out?

Tulsa Health Department Clinic Services Manager Ellen Niemitalo, recommends that you should keep it for any situation the future holds.

Niemitalo says it’s not a bad idea to have your card laminated. Some places, like Staples, are offering to do it for you.

She says if you lose your vaccination card, you can go to any health department and ask for a duplicate. If so, you will have to verify your identity. She says she is unaware of any places in Tulsa that are requiring a COVID-19 vaccination card to enter.

She says some places in the country are discussing vaccination proof protocols. For example, she says international travel, at airports, is requiring some proof of vaccination.