Three people accused in Tulsa County teen sex trafficking, drugs investigation

TULSA, Okla. — At least three people have been arrested as of Friday in connection to using a teenage runaway for sex and drug work in 2020.

According to court documents, a 16-year-old girl, who ran away from home in late 2019 and got caught up in drug trafficking when she was 15, was found in a motel room with Matthew Barclay.

The girl appeared very ill and only weighed 96 pounds. She would later go on to say that she was being denied medical attention for a urinary tract infection which doctors would discover had started to spread to other parts of her body. Barclay, court documents suggest, had borrowed the girl to go on a run to assist him with gun and drug sales when they were caught by law enforcement in a motel room rented by Barclay.

After she was in police custody and was receiving medical attention, she began to reveal how she was groomed and recruited into commercial sex work by Jennifer De La Ossa in February 2020 after she had been living with a man who would give her meth sometimes against her will and rape her.

As early as February 2020, De La Ossa began to traffic the girl to numerous men and “make appointments” for her for as much as $300 an hour in and out of the Tulsa metro.

After two months of sex work, the girl left De La Ossa and was passed around between numerous people at numerous locations for various sex, theft, and drug-related tasks so she could get hits of meth, which she was addicted to and was the reason she ran away from home in the first place.

In July 2020, De La Ossa, with who law enforcement described as a regular client Brad Pugh, allegedly groomed and recruited the girl to come back and work for both of them with promises of a better life that had things like shelter, shopping sprees, fun times at local casinos, and money for her own use.

But Pugh went even further and began to have sex with the girl when she wasn’t working for him by spending time with other clients.

Pugh is facing a child pornography charge after images of him in bed with the girl were found on his cell phone. Court documents show Pugh and De La Ossa both knew the girl was underaged, but they proceeded to traffic her anyway. In Pugh’s case, he also continued to have sex with her on multiple occasions.

When the girl became sick, she asked for more clients so she could have enough money to seek medical attention, but court documents show Pugh and De La Ossa merely gave her over-the-counter vitamin supplements. Law enforcement described the girl as being desperate for an adult to take her medical needs seriously.

When the girl was found with Barclay by law enforcement, that is when the scheme ended, she received medical help, and law enforcement began looking into Pugh and De La Ossa.

Law enforcement arrested De La Ossa in October 2020 in a prostitution bust with other women in Broken Arrow, and she was taken back into custody for charges surrounding this incident at the end of March.

Pugh was convicted of sexual assault in 2016, and in August 2020 while the case with the teen girl was still being investigated, Owasso police arrested Pugh for allegedly getting drunk and groping a waitress at a restaurant. Police also note that they found evidence on Pugh’s Facebook profile that he repeatedly likes to send unsolicited nude pictures of himself to various women who he then also becomes aggressive towards.

Both are facing human trafficking charges among other charges related to the scheme to traffic the girl.