Thieves target south Tulsa Greek restaurant, setting them back after recently opening

TULSA, Okla. (KOKI) — A Tulsa restaurant that’s been struggling to make it through the pandemic says now they’ve been hit by thieves.

The family behind Tabouli’ Greek Grill has poured their heart and soul into their downtown location for years. They were so excited to open a new location near 71st and Memorial. Sadly, they’ve been hit by multiple setbacks after they opened just before the pandemic.

Bethany Hashemi says this past year has been hard for her dad. She says, “Obviously it hit my dad pretty hard, and so ever since then, we’ve been struggling to keep everything afloat, and then that happened and it just was kind of like, man can these small businesses get a break.”

She says on Aug. 28, the thieves threw a heavy steel object throw the front window. They got away with Uber Eats and DoorDash pads, along with five bottles of coke.

She says it’s just discouraging to see this after so many small businesses have struggled during the pandemic. “That was really hard when my dad saw this, he was like oh I can’t get a break.”

But there is a silver lining – Hashemi says her family is grateful for the Stand Up to COVID-19 - Support Local Tulsa Business - Facebook page. Many people have come to the restaurant to eat after hearing what happened to them.

Tabouli’s has filed a police report, and they now have a security system in place.