Thief steals jewelry from multiple homes, owners hope to get it back

Several local homes had jewelry stolen, now the owners are hoping to get it back

Okla. — Local law enforcement agencies have taken several burglary reports about a man who was in local homes for a pest control company.

A Sand Springs couple says they saw a Facebook post warning people about the man, and then saw on their receipt that he was the one who had been in their house.

The woman who made the original post says he was living with her but she kicked him out when she realized he stole from her.

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She told FOX23 she found several other pieces of stolen jewelry that the Creek County Sheriff’s Office now has, we’ve included those photos in the gallery.

A Tulsa woman emailed FOX23 to send us photos of missing jewelry, and said she found out because the pest control company contacted her to let her know what was going on and to check her valuables.

The Sand Springs couple tracked this man down last week and called police. But Sand Springs police told FOX23 the report had only been filed a few days before, and hadn’t been sent to the DA for a warrant yet, so they couldn’t arrest him.

That’s also why FOX23 isn’t able to name him at this time. Police say they do believe the pest control company has called every customer who might have been affected, they fired the suspect, and are cooperating with police.