Teens wanted for study on effects of childhood trauma

TULSA, Okla. — The Laureate Institute for Brain Research is recruiting teens to participate in an ongoing study on the effects of childhood trauma.

Investigators in the first year of a three-year study to look into how childhood trauma could lead to anxiety, depression, obesity, diabetes and cancer.

LIBR is recruiting 13-17-year-olds with anxiety and depression, but no diagnosed mental health issues.

Teens have to have parental consent and will be compensated for participating.

Participants will have to undergo an MRI, so that can’t have braces. They’ll participate in mindfulness training and will be able to use neurofeedback to learn how to practice mindfulness.

LIBR says they hope to develop mindfulness could help develop resiliency to lessen the impact of adverse childhood experiences.

Anyone looking to participate can do so here or call 918-502-5142.