• Teens hospitalized after e-cigarette use

    By: Rick Maranon


    TAHLEQUAH, Okla. -  

    Quick facts:

    • Tahlequah police are investigating how three teens were hospitalized after using an e-cigarette.
    • The teens began having health problems after a man gave them the e-cigarette.
    • Police believe there was synthetic marijuana in the device.

    Tahlequah police are investigating how three teens ended up in the hospital after smoking an e-cigarette.

    The teens were hanging out at a basketball court when police found them experiencing seizure-like health problems. At one point, an adult offered the boys a puff of his e-cigarette, and police were called after they began to show signs of medical problems.

    Officers believe there was K-2, a form of synthetic marijuana, in the e-cigarette, and they have sent it off to be tested by state crime officials.

    The man who gave the boys the substance came forward, and police said he has given helpful information in the investigation. 

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