• Team Oil Tools closing Tulsa plant, laying off 93

    By: Rick Maranon


    TULSA, Okla. - Team Oil Tools is closing its plant in north Tulsa and laying off 93 by the start of April.

    FOX23 obtained a copy of the WARN notice every employee in the plant received on Tuesday. The plant manager told FOX23 the company is claiming a drop in oil prices was the cause of the closure, but FOX23 also discovered in the WARN notice that there were mentions of issues with revenue and the company's current structure.

    "We got the announcement on Tuesday, and it was like a bomb went off in there," Wes Parker told FOX23. Parker works at the plant and received a layoff notice. "Some of us will be OK. Some of us are not OK."

    Parker told FOX23 the shock of the announcement has worn off inside, and many people are coming to work while trying to plan their next steps.

    Joshua Rowell, who also works in the plant and received a layoff notice, told FOX23 he is thankful the plant isn't closing immediately and that he has around 50 days to find a new job.

    "It's better than it was yesterday. Tuesday is when we all found out," Rowell said. "The plant is supposed to close by April first. I guess I'll just keep coming to work and looking for a new job. That's about it."

    The plant manager told FOX23 over the phone that some people will be offered jobs at a Team Oil Tools plant near the company's headquarters in Houston, Texas, but there are just a handful of jobs available at that location. Which means that despite there being jobs at the Texas plant, there aren't nearly enough open positions to keep everyone from the Tulsa plant employed in Texas.

    Some employees who wanted to remain anonymous told FOX23 that even if they were offered a new position in Texas, it is difficult and expensive for them to make such a move.

    Parker said work is now moving into a closing mode, and some will stick around longer than others.

    "Everyone's been offered something different depending on how critical you are to the move. Nothing been put in writing yet," he said.

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