Teacher shortage blamed for ending 6th grade at McClure Elementary

TULSA, Okla. — 6th grade students from McClure Elementary will start a new journey on Monday. They are moving to the halls of Memorial Middle School.

Tulsa Public Schools sent a letter home to parents, saying they couldn’t find two permeant 6th grade teachers or long-term substitutes. The district was forced to end the academic program due to the shortage. The school will remain open for prekindergarten through 5th grade classes.

FOX23 spoke with the Tulsa Classroom Teacher’s Association. President Shawna Mott-Wright says the teacher shortage in Oklahoma has surpassed a crisis.

“If people don’t start genuinely listening to teachers, it’s actually going to get worse,” said Mott-Wright.

She says the storage was an issue before the pandemic. But the pandemic, coupled with limited resources, continues to push educators to the edge with very little help.