Suspect dives into drive-thru windows, steals register from restaurant

VIDEO: Man climbs through drive-thru window during robbery

Tulsa police are searching for the suspect who they say dove into several fast food drive-thru windows Sunday, demanding money.

Officers say the robberies happened near 21st and Sheridan.

VIDEO: Police looking for man who robbed multiple fast food restaurants near 21st and Sheridan

TPD says that the thief hit McDonald’s first, then Burger King, and ended with Taco Bueno.

"How did he even get through the window like that?

I don’t know he just run through it and take the whole register," said Taco Bueno employee Alma Reyes.

Reyes says it was just her and one other employee working Sunday afternoon, when a man showed up, standing at the drive-through window with a gun.

"Sometimes the customers come and say ‘I have no car,’ and we take their order there.

The guy said ‘oh the lobby closed;’ I said yes, ‘then give me the money.’ Reyes explained.

The two women employees were scared, they told FOX23, so they say they ran to the opposite side of the kitchen, yelling they were going to call police.

“Maybe 28, 29 years old, he was skinny, his face was sweaty,” the women described the suspect.

Police said the suspect tried to pull off a similar crime just down the street, a four-minute walk, according to google maps -- at the McDonald’s.

Officers say, after diving thru the McDonald’s window, he realized the cash register was locked, so he went across the street to Burger King to try again.

Police didn’t know if the suspect stole anything from the Burger King.

At Taco Bueno, the suspect got away with about $200.

“He take the whole register, and everything and go back and then threw his phone. He threw his phone away,” Reyes said.

Officers searched the field behind Taco Bueno for a few hours.

Police found the empty cash register, but not the suspect.

No one was hurt.