Surveillance footage shows the moment vandalism suspect strikes Tulsa businesses

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa police have arrested a man they say is responsible for vandalizing eight businesses along Route 66 in the Pearl District.

40-year-old Bradford Hart is accused of throwing flower pots, water meter covers, and rocks into windows Friday morning.

Surveillance video captured the moment the Buck Atoms Cosmic Curios store was damaged. The store owner showed that video to Ike’s Chili owner, Len Wade.

Wade says, “I looked at that. Saturday morning, I’m down there talking to her, making sure she’s opening okay. We finish talking and I head back to the restaurant, and I look over across the street, and I said there’s the guy!”

Wade says, “police showed up, and he’s in jail.”

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This vandalism happened ironically, at the same time as an already-planned neighborhood safety meeting with police. Wade says after the meeting, the businesses along the Pearl District hope to see officers patrolling the area more often.

They also are doing their part. The businesses are working towards getting more surveillance cameras in the area, and they’re trying to improve communication with each other, by exchanging phone numbers. Wade added, that by talking to each other and looking at surveillance video together, the small businesses were able to help police find the alleged vandal. He says this is an example of why communication can be so important.

Wade says they want shops along Route 66 to keep growing, without fear of getting hurt.