Supreme Court rules that McGirt decision is not retroactive, tosses one petition on the ruling

The Supreme Court has ruled that the 2020 McGirt decision is not retroactive.

This means that the McGirt ruling does not apply to convictions that are finalized.

America’s highest court is hearing several petitions on the McGirt Decision. One of the petitions, Parish vs. Oklahoma, has been denied. Clifton Parish sought to have his second-degree murder conviction overturned, claiming that the 2020 decision was retroactive.

The Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals has also ruled that McGirt is not retroactive.

Oklahoma Attorney General John O’Connor calls the Supreme Court’s decision a major victory for the state, and for the safety of victims and their families.

It’s not clear what this decision means for convicted criminals who are currently serving time in out-of-state prisons.

The Supreme Court will hear two more cases involving McGirt.

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