• Sunday morning fire caused by hot, discarded charcoal

    By: Rick Maranon


    TULSA, Okla. - An early morning house fire in North Tulsa was caused by the residents throwing away charcoal that was still too hot.

    Tulsa District Chief Bennie Herring tells FOX23 that the fire damaged the back half of the house near East Archer Street and North Louisville Avenue around 12:30 a.m.

    Herring tells FOX23 that they were able to trace the source of the fire back to a trash can that was too close to the house. Fire crews found charcoal in the trash can that is presumed to be too hot that ignited the rest of the contents of the trash can and then the house the can was sitting next to.

    This is the second fire in as many nights that damaged the back of a North Tulsa home because grilling materials or fireworks that had not cooled down enough before being thrown away.

    "If you do put it in some type of a trash container. Then store it away from your structure," Herring said. "Don’t put it up next to the house where the trash can normally sits. Store it away if you put burnt material. That’s what causes fire and now they’ve lost part of their home."

    Herring said residents need to soak firework remains after being used and also give grilling heat sources time to cool off before being discarded.

    The Red Cross is taking care of the family's needs. The second half of their home is livable, but PSO was asked to cut power to the house at the request of the Tulsa Fire Department.

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    Sunday morning fire caused by hot, discarded charcoal

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