Tulsa man finds medical waste in his yard

TULSA, Okla. — -A local man is concerned after waking up to find medical waste all over his and his neighbor’s yards, including a patient’s personal information.

-The trash came from Access Medical Centers Urgent Care, located across the street from his home. The clinic is a coronavirus test site.

GALLERY: Urgent Care trash blows into man’s yard

-There were medical gloves, COVID test paperwork and wrappers, cotton swabs, medical gowns, and more.

-He says what’s most disturbing is at least one patient’s personal information was found in the debris. It had their name, address, date of birth, social security number and insurance information.

-An Access Medical Center spokesperson says the waste was mishandled by the trash disposal company.

-The clinic says they dispose all biohazard waste in red bags that are disposed of by a special company that comes inside and removes it. Anything in the general dumpster should not be a biohazard.

-The clinic says they are protective of patient information and put patient information into locked shred bins. They did not have an explanation as to how the patient information got out.

-They said they take pride in what they do and this is not a reflection on their practices.

-The trash company, American Waste Control, says the storm may have played a factor in the trash spreading across the neighborhood, and said there is no excuse for what happened and apologize to the clinic and neighbors.