Sticky mail? USPS explains ‘mail fishing’ evidence found at Tulsa collection box

TULSA, Okla. — Sticky mail in Tulsa?

FOX23 heard a complaint from a viewer about a sticky substance on the inside of post office collection boxes at 51st Street and Sheridan.

A USPS postal inspector says it’s evidence of a crime called “mail fishing.”

In mail fishing, a person creates a device like a weighted string or vertical blind with adhesive on it. Potential thieves dangle it down a collection box and pull it out with mail stuck to it.

Leftover residue can leave the collection boxes sticky.

USPS says it has started retrofitting collection boxes to try to prevent these crimes and suggests that people drop off their mail before the collection time on a given day, avoiding leaving mail in the box for an extended period of time.

Drop-off is available at the most-secure area which would be the post office.

Anyone who sees something suspicious at a mailbox or thinks their mail has been compromised can call 877-876-2455, or email