State senator from Broken Arrow starts petition against mask mandates in Oklahoma

VIDEO: State senator petitions to eliminate mask mandates in Oklahoma

BROKEN ARROW, Okla. — Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm has started an online petition against mask mandates during the coronavirus pandemic.

The petition “No Mask Mandates in Oklahoma” reads: “Oklahoma City and other cities across our state are now instituting mask mandates. Let the government know that you do NOT support mask mandates! We are free people. Our body is our private property and should be treated as such. Whether or not to wear a mask should be a personal health decision that every Oklahoman makes for themselves.”

The Tulsa City Council approved a mask mandate after they say doctors told them a simple handkerchief over the mouth can help control the spread of droplets that carry the virus, and there are a lot of asymptomatic people out there.

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They said, “If people are wearing a mask, it will reduce transmission person to person by 85 percent.”

Senator Dahm says they started the petition Monday and they’ve had a couple of thousand signatures.

“We’ve seen mask dictates come from Tulsa and Oklahoma City,” Dahm says.

“I believe it’s a violation of our constitutional rights... the government should not be forcing mask mandates on people. If private businesses want to do that, if private citizens want to wear a mask, that’s a separate topic entirely.”