State leaders vow to update Oklahomans on upcoming redistricting plans

Oklahoma law makers want input for redistricting plans

Okla. — Oklahoma House and Senate leaders vow to keep Oklahomans in on the process of redistricting next year.

Redistricting happens every ten years once the data from the census is delivered to lawmakers. Redistricting is when they use that data to redraw district lines.

Some states have given that power to an independent body, not made up of lawmakers.

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Last week FOX23 told you the group, People Not Politicians, in Oklahoma had to withdraw its petition initiative to give redistricting power to an independent panel.

The group says it ran into several roadblocks including several legal challenges, and COVID-19.

The Senate has appointed a committee on redistricting leaders already, and says it will fill the committee with bipartisan leaders. The House has promised something similar.

They also both say they’ll hold public forums during the process, so the public can share their input on how the lines should be drawn. The Senate says it will also even accept map proposals.

The House has created an email address for Oklahomans to give their input: