• Society of Exploration Geophysicists building new headquarters

    By: Michelle Linn


    Tulsa, Okla. - If you've driven on South Yale Avenue, near 91st Street, chances are you have seen the large new building going up.

    FOX23 learned the new headquarters for the Society of Exploration Geophysicists will move from its existing building next door, into the second floor of the new building. 

     "At one time, Tulsa was actually the oil capitol of the world, so it’s very logical that we would be located here," said Steven Davis, Executive Director of Society of Exploration Geophysicists.

    In real estate, they say it's all about location.

    Project Manager Gary Krisman, with Newmark Grubb Levy Strange Beffort, agrees this is the perfect place.

    "Per capita income wise, this is one of the highest per capita incomes in our city," said Krisman.

     Krisman is overseeing construction of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists' new headquarters, right next to the building they have called home for the last 30 years, at 91st Street and South Yale Avenue.

     "To your left (the building), behind me was built in 1983 and it’s amazing the people who didn’t even know it was back here," said Krisman.

    But, now there is no missing the new home for SEG.

    The group is a professional support organization for 30,000 members, with offices in China and Dubai.

    Many of its members work in the gas and oil industry. 

    "We’re seeing thousands of layoffs with the major oil companies and support companies," said Davis.

    Much of the organization's revenue comes from books, journals, and workshops for its members, so SEG looks for other ways to bring in money.

    "We have an opportunity to diversify our revenue streams," said Davis.

    SEG leases office space to other businesses, in other industries, like accounting firms, contractors and finance workers.

    "It’s kind of a safety net, but also it ensures that we’re able to maximally meet the needs of our members even in the rough times," said Davis.

     When it's finished, Davis says tenants will be reminded of SEG's influence.

    "You'll see that in the main entryway, as you walk in, the walls will give you somewhat of a sense, and the ceiling as well, that you're walking into striations within the ground structure, if you will," said Davis. 

    When it's finished, an elaborate two-level water feature will run between the old building and the new building.

    "The society is putting in extra resources to ensure we have something that Tulsa can be really proud of, and certainly our organization can be proud of, and our tenants as well. This is going to be a park setting, very nice," said Davis.

    Krisman says the existing building has been at least 90% occupied since it opened 30 years ago, even through the recession.

    He does not think any other office building in Tulsa has seen that kind of success.

    Krisman says the new building should be ready to open in late June and is already 50% leased.

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