Skiatook family searches for owners after bison show up on their property

SKIATOOK, Okla. — UPDATE: The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office said in a Facebook post the owner of the bison has ben located.

A Skiatook man is trying to find the owner of four bison that mysteriously turned up on his land.

Now, they are living on the field next to his house.

Larry Collins has a dog, donkeys, cattle, and now bison.

“We don’t know where they came from, how they got here. It’s just like they dropped out of the sky or something,” said Collins.

Earlier this week, they appeared in his pasture. It’s the first time something like this has ever happened. He says at first, the bison showed up at his sister’s house.

Eventually, they ended up on his property.

“I chased them out of my yard and they’ve been down here in a pasture ever since. We’ve hunted and hunted, but we can’t find anybody that claims them,” said Collins.

Collins and his family all live in separate houses on the same land near Skiatook. He’s concerned that the bison will do some damage. “They’ve just been roaming around, eating,” said Collins.

The bison are tagged, but so far, the family hasn’t had any luck.

Collins says he’s ready to say goodbye to the animals.

“Just come get ‘em...just come get ‘em!”