• Shooting victim's girlfriend wants answers

    By: Angela Hong


    TULSA, Okla. - Tulsa police are still searching for more suspects connected to a north Tulsa barbershop shooting that killed one man Friday.
    Keith Liggins, 41, a barber was shot and killed. Police said he was not the intended victim. His girlfriend told FOX23 he died doing what he loved.
    The barbershop was closed Monday.

    Police arrested 24-year-old Chadrick Colbert for the homicide.

    The suspects shot four people Friday night, one person is still in the hospital. Two others have been released.

    At Brandy Miller’s house in east Tulsa the boxes are packed, ready to move.

    “I never thought that it would be my last time seeing him,” she said.

    Miller and her children were set to move into a new house next week with Liggins, her boyfriend of five years.

    “'I love you and I will see you later.' And he kissed me on the cheek," Miller told FOX23 the last words she said to him on Friday.

    Now Miller faces a future without her boyfriend after he was shot and killed while working to pay for that new home.

    "Keith didn't bother anybody. Keith went to work for his kids and his family,” she said. "It ain't right. You don't just go to a place of business and shoot. Kids go there. That’s a family business.”
    Police arrested Colbert the next day. Court records show in 2012 Colbert pleaded guilty to possession of a firearm.
    Homicide investigators believe there are other suspects in the barbershop shooting but people who have information are not being forthcoming.

    "They need to turn themselves in ... someone needs to come forward and say something,” said Miller.

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