• RSU shooter identified as former Tulsa police officer

    By: Brittany Jeffers


    CLAREMORE, Okla. - FOX23 has learned the identity of a man who killed himself at Rogers State University Friday night.

    Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation confirms that 38-year-old Thomas Floyd Fees fired two gun shots before turning the gun on himself.

    Fees died after opening fire and then turning a gun on himself Friday evening at RSU in Claremore.

    On one of his social media accounts, Fees identified himself as a National Guard veteran who wanted to get into the mental health field to help law enforcement and military personnel deal with PTSD issues.

    Inmate records show that Fees was recently arrested for entering a woman’s residence without permission the morning of Thursday, December 4, just one day before the shooting.

    The woman told police she woke up with Fees standing over her.

    Fees is a former Tulsa police officer who was arrested  in 2010 after pulling a gun on someone at a Tulsa bar. He resigned from TPD because of those charges.

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    Students heard gunfire near Preparatory Hall on campus around 7 p.m. Friday.

    Officers said a Fees, who was not a student, tried to get into one of the buildings. Multiple shots were fired and Fees was found dead.

    The school was on lockdown for more than two hours.

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    "We received a call of multiple shots fired on campus. Several agencied aided us including RSU Campus Police. One deceased subject has been located," said Lt. Chuch Goad with Claremore police.

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    “We know there were at least two or three shots fired from what we can tell so far,” said RSU President Larry Rice.

    Rice told FOX23 Fees was looking for a specific student.

    “We believe he was here with the intention of domestic violence trying to locate his female friend who is a student and student worker. He was not successful in locating her but he did believe she was in the building that he was trying to gain access to,” Rice said.

    Police said that female student is fine and was not injured.

    Officials said a pistol was recovered at the scene.

    Fees resigned as a police officer in 2010 after pulling a gun on someone at a Tulsa bar. He was also arrested this week for unlawfully entering a building.

    Campus officials said counselors are on hand for students Friday night and will be available again Monday.

    The lockdown order was lifted shortly after 9 p.m.

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    Rogers State University released the following statement for any students who would like to counseling:

    If a student wants to visit with a counselor in person this weekend, they may email RSU counselor Andrea Schroyer at aschroyer@rsu.edu to schedule a personal counseling session. Anyone else who needs immediate counseling or after-hours assistance is encouraged to call the 24-hour Grand Lake Mental Health Center Crisis Line at 1-800-722-3611. 

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