Several recent Tulsa fires likely set on purpose, investigators say

TULSA, Okla. — Tulsa firefighters have been busy with several fires over the last week, many of which may have been set on purpose.

The Tulsa Fire Department told FOX23 on Monday that they’ve responded to more than 60 fires not involving homes or buildings in the last five days.

Thirty were grass fires, 16 were open burns and 15 were dumpster fires.

Investigators could not get an exact number but say a number of the dumpster and grass fires are suspicious in nature, and several have been ruled arson.

The fires are considered especially dangerous in the dry, windy conditions in the Tulsa area lately.

Last weekend, police arrested Alonso Gonzalez, accused of setting grass fires in the Dawson area of north Tulsa.

Police booked Gonzalez into the City of Tulsa jail for deliberate or negligent burning.

As for the open burning, firefighters want to remind people any type of burning in the city is against the law. Anyone caught could get a ticket.

They are also asking people to be on the lookout for anything suspicious if they see a fire in their area.