CORRECTION: Sen. Lankford says he is discussing whether or not to resign from 1921 Race Massacre Commission

Quick Facts:

  • U.S. Senator James Lankford says he is in discussions on whether or not he will resign from the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Commission
  • An earlier version of this article said Lankford would resign. That has yet to be determined.
  • State Representative and fellow commission member, Monroe Nichols, says a Republican Senate vote that called for a 10-day emergency audit of election results is partially to blame for the attack on our Capitol. Sen. Lankford was one of the Republican lawmakers that was for this audit. Nichols says he doesn’t want a “culture of lies and feeding a mob to be reflected on the commission.”
  • Lankford tells us he understands the concern and he will continue to fight for racial equality for Oklahomans
  • Senator Lankford has been active on the committee since 2015