Sen. Lankford calls for construction to resume at border wall, claims it’s a public safety concern

TULSA, Okla. — Oklahoma Senator James Lankford says billions of dollars is being wasted by President Biden because he’s not completing the wall along the U.S. and Mexican border.

Senator Lankford made those allegations during a news conference this morning at the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office.

FOX23′s Amanda Gilbert spoke to the senator and Sheriff Vic Regalado about why they believe defunding the border wall is a public safety issue for Tulsa that also impacts taxpayer’s bank accounts.

Lankford says contractors are being paid to “watch and guard metal” since the president ordered construction to stop. “We’re paying about 3 million dollars a day to individuals to actually sit next to the steel that was already delivered, to sit next to it to make sure it was not stolen,” says Lankford.

Lankford also claims that more people illegally crossed the border last spring than ever before. “The highest numbers of illegal crossings happened in March of this year, that was exceeded in April, that was exceeded in May, that was exceeded again in June. We had a 188 people who illegally crossed the border from 100 different counties.”

Meanwhile, Sheriff Regalado says that the illegal crossings are a threat to everyone in Oklahoma. He believes it is a direct link to fatal drug overdoses. “Those numbers I talked about about overdose deaths of U.S. citizens is going to continue to climb year after year until we secure the border,” says Regalado.

Recently, FOX23 reported on an illegal marijuana growing farm in Muskogee County. Mark Woodward with the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics believes the farm could be connected to a Mexican drug cartel.

The issue has become a serious public safety concern according to Lankford. He wants Biden to resume construction along the border wall immediately.

The Oklahoma Democratic Party has responded to Senator Lankford’s claims. You can read the statement below:

“I am disappointed that Senator Lankford’s stop in Tulsa was a thinly veiled campaign stop disguised as a press conference to address yet another national talking point rather than an issue facing Oklahomans today.

My question is where was Senator Lankford’s concern over the last four years? There were only 80 miles of NEW wall constructed during President Trump’s term. There was much hullabaloo made but very little new wall. If the Senator wants to deal with national issues, why not address why he didn’t step up to make sure that Oklahoma kept the unemployment supplemental dollars allocated to us, or explain why he thinks that America doesn’t need to know the true story of what happened on January 1st?

I’d also like a real explanation of why he voted no on the child tax credit or so many other recent bills that have provided benefits to struggling Oklahomans. The Oklahoma Democratic Party urges the Senator to focus on Oklahoma in the 15 months he has left in office.”