Sand Springs daycare playground scare sparks investigation

FOX23 News at 10:00 p.m.

-The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office says they were made aware of an incident Thursday afternoon. Sheriff Vic Regalado personally met with the owner of a day care near Sand Springs to discuss concerns following a driver that put the facility on a lock-down.

-TCSO says the two deputies who responded have been placed on paid administrative leave as they investigate the situation.

-The owner of Ms. Mandi’s Preschool & Early Learning Center, Mandi Bradford, says they first noticed the driver in a red pickup truck pull up into the parking lot next door to their business. She says after the driver hesitated and backed up, he came around the corner into their parking lot. Bradford pointed out the truck that hit the fence of the daycare while children were playing outside captured in surveillance video. She said, “He actually pulls in from around the building and runs right into the fence and there is a one-year-old child inches away.”

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-Surveillance video shows the driver reverse and pull up to the fence twice before turning around and parking near a handicap space. Bradford pointed out the driver who sat in his car for several minutes with his head near the steering wheel. She said they called 911.

-Deputies arrived shortly after. In the surveillance video, you see deputies pull out several items from the truck and try to get the driver’s attention before having him exit the truck.-Bradford said her biggest concern is that she didn’t see a sobriety test but only noticed deputies take the man’s blood pressure. Bradford said she wasn’t aware of any child endangerment charges. She said, “They gave him his keys back, they slid his keys in his pocket, locked his truck and he got a ride with a friend. That was the concerning part is that there was no concern about these kids.”

-Bradford said she feels better after talking to Sheriff Regalado about the situation. She added, “I just want something to be done. It was just so disheartening to think what could have happened and what didn’t happen and that there was no justice served at all, and so it’s nice today to have a little bit of that justice served.”

Statement from the Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office:

The Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office was made aware of this incident late yesterday. Sheriff Regalado personally met with the owner of the daycare this morning to discuss their mutual concerns over what occurred. Two deputies who responded to the call at the daycare center on Thursday have now been placed on paid administrative leave. TCSO Communications Director, Casey Roebuck said, “While we find this incident deeply troubling, both deputies are entitled to due process. This incident is under investigation by our Internal Affairs Division. We will await the outcome of that investigation to determine the next steps in the disciplinary process.”

TCSO officials say the two deputies are on paid leave pending an internal affairs investigation over that.