Safari Joe’s releases statement on breastfeeding incident, witness speaks out

VIDEO: Safari Joe's statement on breastfeeding incident conflicts with witness

TULSA, Okla. — A mom is trying to bring awareness about breastfeeding after she saw a mother be removed from a pool at Safari Joe’s H20 Water Park for feeding her baby.

She says she noticed the mom and actually wanted to go tell her how great she was but didn’t want to draw attention.

Then a Safari Joe’s lifeguard was whistling and got her out of the pool.

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The woman says she went and spoke to the mother who was told by Safari Joe’s that it violated health code and she wasn’t allowed to do it.

Safari Joe’s released the statement below, mentioning that they removed the mother for her and the baby’s safety. The witness said this statement contradicts what actually happened.

First and foremost Safari Joe’s H2O supports breastfeeding inside the park. This particular situation was brought to our Operations Manager from a patron who had witnessed the mother vaping, and drinking alcoholic beverages. He asked for her to be removed for vaping and blowing the smoke into her babies face, and for drinking before feeding her child. Safari Joe’s Operations Manager observed as the mother moved closer to the island of the pool, he instructed his Head Life Guard to remove the mother from the pool because of safety concerns for her and her child. We did not want her to lose her foot placement and fall forward into the island of the pool, causing serious injury to her, or her child. After removing the mother from the pool and speaking to her, about smoking inside the park, she left the park to smoke, and returned to enjoy the rest of the day with her family. A conversation was had with the patron, and it ended in a positive note.
Safari Joe’s H2O Management